How Outlining Is Essential to Your Writing


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helps you to craft a meticulous document. Outlining helps learners organize and define their topic to allow the readers to follow the paper’s direction. Outlines offer structured frameworks that support the writing process from the introduction to the conclusion section. It is similar to a template that guides you to know what to write in a particular section.
Outlining forms part of the prewriting stages that allows you to prepare your paper. It does not matter if you are composing a thesis, an essay, blog, or article; developing an outline is a critical phase that is simple and time-saving. Moreover, you can always use it as a reference point when you get mixed up in your writing. 
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This article aims to help you understand the importance of outlining, types, and tips for developing an excellent outline.

Importance Of Outlining 

An outline assists you in articulating your ideas clearly and logically. Outlining is the second step that comes after the brainstorming session. Once you have your topic and sub-topics in place, you can develop an effective outline. Hence, it is a mind map comprising appropriate information from various resources guiding writers to compose flawless papers with a transitional flow.
Academic papers must have a sequential order to allow readers to understand your research. Hence, an outline is a link that brings out structures results in your writing. If you craft your paper without an outline, you might get cluttered results without coherent sentences and clarity. Writing without a proper structure confuses the readers, which compromises the intended message.  
Sometimes college tutors often instruct the students to include the outline as a mandatory section of the assignment. The tutor might want to go through the outline before proceeding to the writing phase to determine whether you are on the right track. Therefore, outlining helps professors know whether they have reliable academic resources and relevant topics with good content before writing the paper.
In other instances, clients may require outlines from the professional authors to have an overview of the article or blog post. Ultimately, outlining benefits the writer since it enhances thought articulation and is a significant reference when stuck. 
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Elements of an Outline 

Below is an overview of how an academic paper outline 

  • Hook sentence
  • Thesis statement 
  • Background information 
    Body Paragraphs
  • Topic sentences
  • Concrete arguments
  • Supporting evidence 
  • Summary of main points
  • Paraphrase thesis statement
  • Avoid new ideas

Each section is important and forms part of the bigger picture in research writing. You can also include links to reliable sources that you will later cite in your paper.

Types of Outlines

There are several types of outlines that you can use to craft outstanding papers. But let us delve into two standard options. 

  1. Topic Outline

This option entails sketching your significant points in the form of keywords and relatable phrases. It allows you to quickly recollect what you want to write in each section quickly. 

  • Thesis: Regular exercising is a vital aspect in improving mental wellness.
  • Topic: Physical exercises reduces mental illnesses.
  • An analysis of mental illnesses: causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment.

Paragraph 1:

  • Topic: Exercises improves general wellness
  • Evaluation on physical exercises reducing mental illnesses 
  • Evaluation on physical exercises and boosting immunity

Paragraph 2:

  • Topic: Regular exercises increases happiness and contentment
  • Supporting evidence showing the relationship between exercises and happiness.


  • Physical exercises are essential for human health.
  1. Sentence Outline

Here, writers include their points in sentence form. Each section has complete sentences that guide you during the writing process. This type of outline has a similar structure to the topic option; the only difference is that it comprises complete sentences.
Therefore, there is no superior outline that stands out from other options. Therefore, choose an outline that works well for you. Both outlines have a similar structure – introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion; the topic outline uses short phrases while the other incorporates complete sentences.

Tips for Creating Effective Outlines

Outlining doesn’t have to be perfect since it is a skeleton of your main document. It acts as a guide that helps you to know what content to include in a specific section. Thus, you have to make sure it is legible and clear. 
Moreover, it is imperative to understand the paper type and requirements before creating an outline. Understanding the research question helps you to know the type of structure you will use in your essay.                                                                                       
Here are a few tips to help you create excellent outlines:

  • Pick a relatable topic that aligns with the research question and define your primary focus.
  • Brainstorm central ideas and write down all the sub-topics 
  • Organize and develop an outline using the significant ideas and sub-topics
  • Establish connections with the main arguments 
  • Continue to review the outline as you move along

Though most learners think that outlining is a lengthy and complicated process, it is a necessary step that can simplify your writing experience. An outline is a skeleton of the entire document that allows you to articulate your ideas using logic. 
After completing the outline, you can proceed to compose the initial draft. Don’t perfect your paper yet; just build on each central point on the outline, and over time you will have several paragraphs. If you feel overwhelmed, write my essay for me has a team of proficient writers who can help you compose polished and well-researched papers.
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