StoryShots for the picky book browser


storyshots picky book browser

Book lovers can thank StoryShots for providing a SMORGASBORD of self-help business books. I find myself getting hooked to the app. I’m a book browser and StoryShots (SS) supports this habit of finding a particular book in a hurry.

All good books are worth reading but one simply does not have the time. Yet we need books to be constantly motivated to do better in our workplace. The StoryShots app gives a happy accommodation for those who really want to find that one book over a wide range of available books.

Filter StoryShots based on free time

With the provision of a summary for each book, I can decide whether to get the audio. There are short audio versions that help me know if I want to download the audio of the book. Focus is one discipline encouraged by this app as it allows selective navigation through the whole book.

I am excited to get into new categories and new features. I can filter even audio shots based on my free time. I’ve actually selected 20 books ( the first would be “The Black Swan” by Nassim Taleb) and had set up a time for going through them in an organized way.

Share highlights in a blink

Get a load of the improved sharing of custom image quotes to social media. I’ve always loved the interaction with an audience so that fits well with sharing important highlights of the book as it happens. Fascinating to have these features for free until you decide to get the premium subscription. Of course, there would be ads and offers in-app.

There might be a problem though with some of the audios as they are not totally by native English speakers. I’d say adjust and try to appreciate the big effort put in by the writers of the summaries which includes a 1- sentence summary of the whole book, section summaries, etc. Pretty soon, I’ll get my friends hooked to this StoryShots app. Let’s see how this goes.

By the way, you can use your StoryShots ios app, too.


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