Preparation for Study Abroad Starts Now!


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You’ve been accepted to a foreign university, and it feels like you’re the king/queen of the world. It’s time to pack and go, but you don’t know where to start? What to pack? Or how to handle so many emotions all at the same time?

You’ve decided to study abroad primarily to meet new people and experience new cultures. It’s only natural to feel stressed and anxious. But don’t worry. A great journey lies ahead of you that needs careful preparation. 

What to consider while packing?

  • Learn about the climate of the location

Those who grew up in rainy Glasgow will never understand why so many online shops from California sell summer clothes all year long. If you’re relocating in a country with entirely different weather tendencies, then you’ll need to stack up on some seasonal clothes. 

  • Figure out if the area is conservative or liberal

It will help you better adjust to the surroundings and the natives. Learning about their beliefs and values will help you avoid putting on culturally sensitive clothes and accessories. 

  • Is the area rural or urban?

Will you be able to buy essentials in the stores upon arrival? Or do you have to pack EVERYTHING? Knowing the circumstances of the place where you’re going helps you decide on must-haves and can-do-without.

What exactly do you need to pack?

The list depends on you, but essentials start with:

  • Clothes – standard T-shirts, pants and dresses; Socks and underwear; Outfit for every season; Shoes for every weather, etc. 
  • Toiletries – don’t leave hygiene products behind; Pack toothbrush and travel size toiletries. 
  • Electronics – Smartphone; Laptop; E-reader; And don’t forget about the chargers. 
  • Documents – You can’t go anywhere without a passport; Student ID or drivers license; Visa and others. 

Pack your confidence with you

Now it’s time to work on yourself! The change of environment is stressful, so you need to stack up on the confidence and don’t be afraid of the new surroundings. 

You might feel:

  • A bit anxious about meeting new people. 
  • Nervous about entering a new university where you don’t know anything.
  • Shy to speak in your second language because you’re not sure you’re fluent. 
  • Nostalgic to be leaving the country and friends away. 

People often quit on their dreams because fear makes the best out of them. If you find yourself in such a situation, think about the reason you want to study abroad. Remind yourself of the long-term effects of studying abroad. 

For some help, you can get together with some nice tutors and learners of the English Forward community. Without a hitch, you will meet friends from all the countries in the world and be acquainted with their customs and practices to add to your confidence.


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