Opinion Essay Writing: Helpful Tips for Students


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How to write an opinion essay: Working guidelines

What is an opinion essay, and how do you clearly state your opinion in it? If you are a student, you likely have these questions. Fortunately, we will answer them in this article.

How should you define an opinion essay?

When writing papers, you should understand the genre that you are assigned to write. Let’s see what an opinion essay entails. In short, students writing this essay reveal their thoughts on a particular topic. The construction is fairly simple–you just need to choose a matter for discussion and share your opinion about it. You should introduce the topic clearly and offer supporting arguments to prove your point of view. 
The essay format is designed to be simple and engaging. However, many students feel stuck when they need to write an opinion essay. They may ask questions such as, “How should I write my paper?” and “Can I write my essay online more quickly?” This is because knowing the definition isn’t enough. Let’s look at an effective structure for the opinion essay. 

Effective opinion essay structure

If you want to complete the task well, you should follow a relevant structure. 

  • First of all, introduce your topic and tell the readers why you decided to choose this matter. Explain briefly why you choose the topic, speech, movie, or book. If you need inspiration, several paper samples are available online (but don’t plagiarize!).
  • Now, write the thesis. Here, you need to introduce your disputable opinion or claim, along with briefly summarizing your text and giving the reader a clue as to what will be discussed.
  • Once you have planned the thesis, you can write the actual paragraphs, which should consist of several main sections. The best strategy here is to develop a clear structure and idea for each paragraph. Offer a supporting argument for your opinion, and then explain it with an example. 
  • Now, you need to bring your ideas together in the conclusion. Here, you should mention your thesis and topic ideas again, along with potentially providing a call to action. The last sentence needs to bring strong closure to the essay.

Opinion essay topics for students

When writing papers, you need to brainstorm a list of topics. These ideas may help you in your writing process:

  1. Does vegetarianism benefit your health? 
  2. Should people have more working hours? 
  3. Why do directors earn more than regular employees? 
  4. Do you need to have savings? 
  5. What cars should people buy in 2021? 
  6. Does everybody have the right to vote? 
  7. Is it a useful habit to nap during the daytime? 
  8. Should parents lie to their children?
  9. Does animal cruelty exist now? 
  10. Should we do circus performances these days? 

Final Words

Through the tips we have provided and possibly the assistance of writing samples online, you can gain the inspiration to write a powerful, thought-provoking essay. Especially in the planning process, remember to spend time in your research, so you consider a variety of perspectives. Most of all, however, enjoy the learning journey that developing your opinions and ideas can take you through.
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