New Job Opportunity Abroad? How to Prepare for that Big Move


Businessman moving into a new office

Some people categorize the levels of development, and truly believe that job opportunity abroad is one of the highest you can achieve. Well, if it’s anything like that dream you had since you can remember yourself, then it’s your time to shine!

It doesn’t take too much to buy plane tickets and pack your bag, but it does take enormous courage and dedication to stick to the process and go through every stage of the adjustment. 

But before you go, prepare yourself physically and mentally to face intercultural challenges along the way. 

Learn how to get along with local communities

It’s always so different on the other side of the world. You’ll meet cultural differences that are hard to understand and overcome.

You are going to be living in that area for at least two years, aren’t you? So why don’t you learn how to blend in with the locals? 

The best thing to do is to prepare yourself for the relocation months ahead.

  • Join forums and group chats, communities that can help you with street addresses, traditions, sensitive cultural subjects, etc. 
  • Find online friends in the area you’re relocating to so that you won’t feel alone when you’re finally there. 
  • Ask others about their experience with living in that particular country.

Make your stay abroad friendlier and more comfortable by adjusting to their culture before you introduce yourself to it. 

Pack your English classes with you

English is an international language, and no matter how stubborn or patriotic are the people in the country you’re visiting, you can still communicate with them with simple English. 

Chances are, your study abroad will revolve all around the English language: communication in English, classes in English, etc. So you’ll need your teacher with you all the time. 

But since we haven’t figured out how to shrink people down and carry them around our backpacks, yet, you’ll have to go with the internet and the online communities. 

Visit the English Forward website and see the vast resources you can use to teach yourself some more English. Join forums, video classes, chats, and make friends you can chat with in English. 

Get comfortable with local customs and prepare for a cultural shock

A few months later, you’ll be feeling like a local. Just wait for a bit, and you’ll blend into the community and the culture in no time. It takes several stages to get used to new surroundings

  • The Honeymoon Stage

The honeymoon stage is overwhelming. You will feel the need to try everything, visit every sightseeing and be active all day long. This stage doesn’t last for a long time on long-term trips, so use your emotions sparingly. 

  • The Frustration Stage

The frustration stage is the most challenging, so get ready! People in this stage often feel frustrated because they can’t understand cultural differences, signs, and language. You will find yourself miscommunicating several times in a day, but don’t worry; you’ll soon transform into the adjustment stage.

  • The Adjustment Stage

You will begin to feel more familiar with the surroundings, culture, and people who you couldn’t understand before. Navigation becomes more comfortable, and you don’t need to have a nanny wherever you go. 

  • The Acceptance Stage 

After some weeks, months or even years, you’ll come to terms. You won’t be living in a different country anymore, it’ll feel like home soon enough. 

Ahead with your dreams! 

Once you overcome every obstacle that lies ahead in your journey of stepping out of the comfort zone, there’s nothing actually that can mess with your development process. 
Remember always to keep your brain fed and happy. English Forward can be your travel guide when you find yourself in difficult conversations. Know that in this digital era, you’re never alone!


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