Majority of: How to Use This Term


majority of

Majority of is usually used to describe a position that is more than half of the total sample. if the portion is less than half it is known as a minority. The word minority is also considered as the opposite of the word majority.
The word majority is a noun as it signifies the number.
First, please check out the following examples:
1) The majority of the population has received the water and healthcare supply.
2) Majority of devotees have taken to different route to reach the pilgrimage.
3) In Europe, Christians are in a/the majority.
If you check the following examples, you can see that the usage of articles- a and the varies with the sentence. We will discuss this in the next section.
Let’s go through words that we can use as a synonym for majority
There are a very few accurate majority synonyms mentioned below:
1) Most– it is a widely used majority synonym. Other than that, one can use:
2) Bulk
3) Mass
4) Greater Number
5) Greater Part

A majority of or the majority of- which is correct?

First, let’s discuss where “the majority of” is used.
When you use the phrase, “the majority of” it signifies that the sentence states the concept of numerical superiority. It means that the speaker is confident about the majority will use the definite article.
1) The majority of people voted for the previous mayor.
The phrase “a majority of” is also used widely. The phrase gives a hint that though the number is uncertain, it’s in majority.
2) A majority of people will be coming to the function tomorrow.
The majority can be 50.01% to 99.99%.

Is majority singular or plural?

The majority is a singular word when used by itself. However, when used along with a collective noun, it can be used as singular or plural depending on the collective noun.

So, is it “majority is or are?”

The usage of is and are depends on whether the collective noun is singular or plural.
First, let’s consider an example where majority is used by itself, without a collective noun.
The majority is in my favor. Here, “is” is used as a helping verb.
Now, consider the examples where collective nouns are used along with the word.
1) The majority of the group is absent today.
2) The majority of dancers are having injuries.
Here, the group is written as a collective noun. Therefore, it is considered as a single entity.
However, in the second example, one is using the word dancers which is plural. Therefore, we need to write “are.”
Sometimes, one can say majorities as the plural form.
1) For the first time, majorities of different sports groups are not in favor of the tournament.
2) Majorities of different college departments have decided to share their respective email in the online group.
We usually use majorities at the time when the collective nouns are in plural form.

How do you spell the “majority?”

The correct spelling is M A J O R I T Y and it is pronounced as məˈdʒɒr.ə.ti
There are some more examples of the majority to improve your English grammar.
1) The majority of times you are not able to send the email before the deadline.
2) A majority of the group will need to share the tents
3) The majority of the English words are from Latin and Hebrew
4) One can say that this time, David’s group owns the majority of the funding’s share.
5) With every new day, a majority of the citizens are in search of economical support and new jobs.
6) A majority of viewers do subscribe and follow my channel.
‘Majority of’ is one of the phrases which people are using frequently. However, very few speakers have a clear knowledge of how to utilize it in a sentence. There are many more such phrases in English grammar, and with time, we will make you familiar with all of them.
Find a good discussion here of several equivalent terms using “majority” and practice using them knowing their distinctions. Till then, you can practice using the phrase. If you have any doubt, please mention them in the comments section.


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