Is It Possible To Learn English On The Internet?


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Is It Possible To Learn English On The Internet?

We practice using the Internet almost every day – for fun, for serious tasks, for leisure time, etc. and not even realizing that we are practicing and reviewing our actions over and over again, getting used to them and eventually learning on a permanent level. 

Practice certainly makes perfect! And the Internet is always here and everywhere to help us practice more. 

Here is an interesting infographic on How to Learn a Language Based on the 4 Common Language Skills created by Learn Language with Language Trainers

Take up some online courses 

Local resources are always limited and there comes a time when we realize that we need something more. That’s when we can benefit from the Internet and obtain free or paid online courses. 

What’s in it for me? 

  • You’ll learn English from a native speaker teacher. 
  • You’ll innovatively learn English.
  • You won’t have to move a muscle to attend an online classroom.

Online courses are great! They changed the lives of many who couldn’t afford financially or physically to go outside and attend classes. 

Watch Youtube Videos

Youtube is an enormous platform that holds many interesting, regular or even mind-numbing videos that aren’t all that time-consuming if you know what I mean. 

These videos feature native speakers doing whatever. And for some, watching these videos might seem pointless, but look at it this way – you’ll be listening to a native speaker in a natural state. 

Sometimes, when we know that we are learning something, we get lazy, and our mind doesn’t pay much attention to a teaching video, whereas it responds excellently to an entertaining video. 

Hire an online tutor 

Don’t like the idea of watching a pre-written and scripted video? Do you prefer to communicate in real time with real people? 

You can use your device and internet connection to connect with a native speaker who can teach you English – an online tutor. Most people address online tutors when they want to practice their speaking skills and have nobody around to speak native English with them.

Join forums

Forums might sound so last century, but they’re stronger than ever in the education industry. Forums let you post, search and filter information according to the subject you desire, making it practical to use. 

Those who are shy to video chat and speak English loudly can benefit from written communication on the English Forward forum. But remember, speaking is an essential part of learning a foreign language, so you’ll need to courage up. 

Play Online Games

Studies show that playing games help in brain development and improving learning skills. 

Marita would love to play a game or two when she was younger, and without even noticing it, she was learning English from the subtitles, from the plot, from the missions, etc. 

Take up a new game that won’t harm your schedule. It can be on a mobile or a computer. Set the subtitles or the whole settings of the game on English and learn away. You’ll notice how games affect your learning. 

Enter a classroom without walls

Chances are you’re already in the classroom without walls, learning more without even being aware. Once you realize this, you can help yourself advance your learning skills and learn English in a fun way. 

You don’t need to pressure yourself with textbooks and mandatory grammar rules. Learning through the Internet doesn’t make the learning process sound so pressing, does it?
Take a step forward and help yourself with automatic or strategic learning of the English language with English Forward and our growing community.


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