How to write an English Essay


Writing an English essay may be an easy task for most students, especially if their native tongue is English. But students often need to write college application essays or scholarship papers. 
Although they may sound simple, these essays are a test of your writing abilities, which can qualify you for universities and even discounts on tuition fees. Of course, writing a paper requires skill and experience. But that does not mean you can’t improve your writing skills, as everyone has a natural writing talent. On the contrary, you can develop your skills by continuously writing and studying specific techniques. For beginner writers, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to improve your essay writing skills. 

Plan your writing.

Writing a college-level informative essay requires planning, in-depth reading, and research.  Because of this, you should not wait for the prior notice of submission before you start planning your paper. Instead, write your college essays as early as the first announcement of requirements. Make time for your writing, keeping track of your progress by crossing out dates on your calendar. If you write in a short timeframe, you are more prone to errors and mistakes, which will result in a poorly written paper. 
If you decide to apply to several colleges, submitting the same article with the same content will not aid you with your application process. As a result, you need to make sure that the content of your essay is distinct enough to help you be selected. To do this, you should set aside time for research, so you know the details about the university you are trying to get into. 

Know your target audience.

When writing an essay, you should know who your audience is. For instance, if you are writing an admission essay for medical school, you can expect that experts in the medical field will read and filter your application process. Therefore, you should use medical jargon to show that you have a solid foundation on the topic. Also, with formal writing, some words are not suitable for a standard essay. 
If you are not sure how to deliver your messages, several custom essay writing services can help you. Their professional writers can help create an excellent paper that matches your writing style and meets your academic needs. If you want a top-notch article, write an English essay with EduJungles and ease your writing struggles instantly. 

Take note of the instructions and answer the essay prompt. 

Your professor will likely include instructions on how to write the essay for your assignment. Take note of the citation style, writing style, and other special instructions your professors have requested. The writing process will be much easier and faster because you know the assignment’s direction. 
Even if the assignment does not have specific instructions, essay prompts will help you build your content. Instead of recklessly writing all the ideas you come up with, stick with the questions that your readers are curious about in your paper. For instance, if you are writing a college application essay, the most common essay prompts are the following: 

  • Why do you want to study at this university? 
  • What do you think the university can give you if you choose to enroll here? 
  • What can you give to the university if you are admitted here? 

Answering prompt questions will help you improve your writing speed and quality. It also helps you avoid going around in circles and makes your points concise and straightforward. 

Choose a topic that you like. 

Many students believe that the more complex their topic is, the better the outcome of the paper. However, if the student cannot properly communicate this topic, it will actually harm the essay’s quality.
When you write an essay, you must discuss your points and your arguments. To do this, you need to be knowledgeable about the topic, and you must do your proper research. If the topic is too complex for you to begin with, you will struggle to have a flawless final output. On the other hand, if you can lay out your discussion logically and clearly, a complex topic will not help you prove your points to your audience. 
Because of this, you should choose a topic that you are comfortable with, which will show your strengths and intellectual capacity. A good essay does need a complicated issue–it simply requires a clear and concise conveyance of the thesis. 

Make use of existing essays. 

You may struggle to come up with a unique essay for scholarships and college applications. Since most of the students want the same thing (acceptance into a certain college), the theme of their papers will be similar or even identical. 
But you can use that to your advantage. For instance, you can play around with the theme but also elevate it and improve upon it. Because of this, your paper can still stand out from the rest, even if the delivery choice, word choice, and critical points are the same. 

Use the proper structure for essays. 

If you are writing for scholarship applications, you can follow this scholarship essay format. However, if you don’t know the proper structure of different types of papers, you should stick with the basics. The three main components of every essay are the introduction, body, and conclusion.
Regardless of what you write, be sure that your paper has all three of them. When you follow a particular structure, you can put the right content in its proper places, so you are logically consistent in your points.

Use of personal experiences are examples. 

As commonly quoted in the writing world, “Show, don’t tell.” For example, you can grab your audience’s attention and support your points through real-life examples. Don’t be afraid to show some emotion in your writing. When used alongside logical support, emotional writing can move your audience and support your points more strongly. 
Use a personal statement sample in your essay, so they can feel the experience with you. If you are applying for college, the life experiences that led you to your dreams can be an excellent narrative to include. Your audience will see your struggles, hard work, and dedication, which can in turn lead to the success of your application. 

End your essays with a bang.

Start your essays strong and finish stronger. When you deliver the closing statements of your paper, they should leave an impact on your readers. A good piece will leave the audience with something to think about. If you are successful, they can change their behavior regarding something you shared. End with a bang if you must! 
There are no fixed rules on how to write an English essay. However, over years of practice, you can pick up different techniques and skills to incorporate into your writing.

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