Changing Pronunciation In Sentences


Lesson Seven: Words Change Their Pronunciation When In A Sentence

The last common problem with speaking English is that words change when they are in a sentence. This is most common for small words like ‘a’ and ‘to’.

For example the word ‘to’

Word by itselfIn a sentence
‘to’ ‘Go to bed’ 

Notice how the word ‘to’ becomes much shorter and the vowel less obvious. The vowel in ‘to’ in a sentence is called ‘schwa’ because it is no longer an ‘o’ sound, but a sound made when your tongue is in the middle of your mouth.

This also happens to ‘a’ and ‘an’ in sentences:

Word by itselfIn a sentence
‘a’ ‘That’s a car’ 
‘an’ ‘I’ll have an apple’ 

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