Can You Correctly Pronounce All The Zodiac Signs?


Astrology tries to determine a correlation between events in the sky (also known as ‘celestial events’) and behavior of people on Earth. Primarily, it’s focused on correlations that cannot be explained by the traditional science and the basic laws of physics like gravitation or magnetism. The zodiac is made up of 12 different sun signs, which constitute traditions and beliefs about celestial objects (stars and planets) and their connection to the events people experience in their daily life.

The division of the zodiacal signs originates in Babylon while the word Zodiac comes to us from the Greek word zoidiakos,meaning little animal sign.

How strong is your belief in horoscopes? Can you name and correctly pronounce all the signs? Do you know the attributes attached to them?

♑ CAPRICORN [ˈkæprɪˌkɔrn] 22. December – 20. January
positive attributes: self-discipline, persevering, stoic, determined, serious
negative attributes: hard-hearted, inflexible, pessimistic

♒ AQUARIUS [əˈkweəriəs] 21. January – 19. February
positive attributes: generous, trustworthy, independent, logical
negative attributes: detached, indifferent, rebellious

♓ PISCES [ˈpaɪˌsiz] 20. February – 20. March
positive attributes: sensible, placid, easygoing, warm-hearted
negative attributes: dreamy, obsessive, restless, lack of self-confidence

♈ ARIES [ˈeriz] 21. March – 20. April
positive attributes: brave, willful, productive, enterprising, humanitarian
negative attributes: moody, impulsive, impatient, assertive

♉ TAURUS [ˈtɔrəs] 21. April – 20. May
positive attributes: practical, resourceful, confident, energetic, tidy 
negative attributes: stubborn, unforgiving, excessive

♊ GEMINI [ˈdʒemɪˌnaɪ] 21. May – 21. June
positive attributes: curious, skillful, humorous, seductive, imaginative
negative attributes: sometimes impractical, restless, nervous, careless

♋ CANCER [ˈkænsər] 22. June – 22. July
positive attributes: intelligent, crafty, rational, strong-willed
negative attributes: tenacious, moody, irritable, oppressive

♌ LEO [ˈliˌoʊ] 23. July- 23. August
positive attributes: dominant, courageous, aristocratic, idealistic
negative attributes: arrogant, impulsive, despotic, hedonistic

♍ VIRGO [ˈvɜrɡoʊ] 24. August – 23. September
positive attributes: efficient, industrious, calm, altruistic, adaptable
negative attributes: highly sensitive, over-critical, materialistic

♎ LIBRA [ˈlibrə] 24. September – 23. October
positive attributes: fair, wise, helpful, friendly
negative attributes: superficial, indifferent, vain, love of convenience

♏ SCORPIO [ˈskɔrpiˌoʊ] 24. October – 22. November
positive attributes: emotional, determined, inquisitive, industrious
negative attributes: jealous, compulsive, unforgiving

♐ SAGITTARIUS [ˌsædʒɪˈteriəs] 23. November – 21. December
positive attributes: warmhearted, charitable, adventurous, business-minded
negative attributes: unemotional, restless, stubborn, sometimes bored


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