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Coffee and Netflix

Thanks to Netflix, the way we spend our free time has been modified a lot. We no longer need to wait until a specific movie or season of some show appears on the TV screen. All we need is to use Netflix and even watch the whole season of series over the night. It is not a secret that with Netflix, we have an opportunity to improve our English level significantly.

How can I improve my English on Netflix?

Netflix is one of the most convenient services that can help a person surround themselves with native speakers. Simply, they do it by allowing you to view various TV shows and movies in pure English. You might also download them to use offline if you do not have a stable Internet connection. 
Sometimes, using Netflix, the error window might occur, so an individual can’t utilize this service. It might happen because of system failures or incorrectly set geolocation. Such problems might be solved by VPN for you to be able to watch all Netflix series from anywhere! In some cases, Netflix might be inaccessible, and so you have to know how to unblock Netflix. As long as this issue is widespread, you might use the free VPN service for its trial period. VPN was designed for you to learn English on Netflix without any issues.    

What are the 7 best steps to learn Netflix English?

Step 1. Master your vocabulary utilizing subtitle translations.

As soon as we begin to learn any language, we tend to translate a lot. If you utilize conversations from Netflix TV shows, you might be introduced to natural language. There, you might notice many differences, so you will not make common mistakes then. For instance, you might select the show you are most interested in. When you watch it, you might jot down several expressions you hear and find to sound differently in English if compared to your native language. Define the contexts where these expressions are widely used to master your speaking fluency and vocabulary.

Step 2. Improve your listening skills with some everyday practice.

It might be complicated to listen to the audio versions on Netflix, but we promise you will soon get used to it. You are not supposed to understand everything from the very beginning. It is recommended, however, to watch at least one episode every day. So you will get used to the common expressions, pronunciation, and speed. It will be much easier for you to have conversations with native English speakers and boost your confidence if you do it. You might start with those TV series that you have watched in your native language to be aware of the plot and context. You might use subtitles in your native language if you are an A2-B1 learner and use English subtitles if you are a B2-C1 learner. 

Step 3. Boost your speaking fluency.

Your speaking fluency might be improved a lot if you try to repeat a specific phrase after you hear it. Practice that to master your fluency and speed, especially if you are a C2 Proficiency learner. Just copy the lines you hear in your favorite TV show or series, even if you are a lower-level learner. For instance, you might watch a TV series or film with subtitles and audio both in English. As you listen, you should try to notice the main difference between what you read and what you hear.

Step 4. Practice listening to various accents.

With Netflix, you might check out various English accents with no need to travel to different countries. You might use Subtitles to follow every character with a specific accent. Your English will be impressed by how well you understand different accents, so why not be a star at your English lesson?

Step 5. Practice it!

Once you learn specific English words and expressions, feel free to practice them with someone who is learning English as well. For instance, you might encourage your classmate to discuss some episode from your favorite TV series or show at the English class you attend.

Step 6. Watch any TV shows to grab more slang words. 

It is always great not only to know classical English but also to be aware of the specific words you might hear at London’s deep corners. For instance, Cockney is a great example of slang that you might hear only at East-End London. If you watch British shows, you might be introduced to people who use this accent. 

Step 7. Master your pronunciation. 

The more you hear from unblocked Netflix, the better your pronunciation will be. Try to repeat after specific characters, especially when they are saying the set expressions and cliches like “Pardon”, “You are welcome”, “Morning!”, and so on. You might also watch music programs and try to repeat after and sing together with the singers. It will teach you not only to have a beautiful accent but will introduce you to a variety of conversational words that you might not find in traditional English-learning manuals. So your accent will be only slight when you visit the UK or America, and you will easily understand the foreigners. 

Movies and series to learn English effectively and fast for people of various language levels:

  • TV series:

“Stranger Things”
            If you like mystery and horror shows, and science fiction, you are recommended to watch these series. Also, this series is for you if you love the culture of the 80s. If it comes to learning English, you will be introduced to education and science fiction vocabulary. The teens in this series utilize a lot of slang for you to better learn English with Netflix.
“The Crown”
          This is an ideal series if you like history and drama. You might view the culture and history, including social problems, technology, and fashion. Also, you might get an opportunity to learn all vocabulary kinds, including historical words. Choose this series if you want to improve your British accent.
“A Series of Unfortunate Events”
           If you look for a dark comedy, you might be interested in it. English learners will be exposed to large complex vocabulary. To be more precise, the characters or narrator will mention a particular word and follow it with its definition. If you love black humor, absurdism, or adventures, this series is for you.
“Chef’s table”
           Every episode is concentrated on the genius in culinary from different parts of the world. If you like food-related series or documentaries, you are lucky to watch them because you will learn a lot of food vocabulary there.
           If you like romance and comedies, this series is for you. The situations and characters there are realistic. Being an English learner, you will get to know various English humor nuances and also a wide vocabulary range.

  • Movies:

“The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”
           This film is for you if you like emotional drama. The movie includes both the power of reading, history, and romance. The film will draw your attention from the very start. Here, you might learn a variety of British accents. You might even practice reading the book on which the movie is based.
“Irreplaceable You”
          Watching this movie, you might enjoy many advantages. It is perfect for starters since all the actresses and actors speak clearly. If you want to learn the American accent and get to know various words of medical vocabulary, this movie is for you.
“Mercury 13”
           This movie is perfect for those who like historical pieces, women’s rights stories, and documentaries. Additionally, you will get to know multiple vocabulary words about flight, space, and history. 

Words of wisdom

Netflix is such a great service to assist you if it comes to learning English. However, make sure you know how to unblock Netflix to watch all the movies or series there fluently. Moreover, even if you do not have a stable Internet connection, you might download the programs from Netflix and watch them offline, which is a big plus. So you would better choose the movie or series from the list mentioned above and begin to learn English right now. The more you listen and watch, the more words you will absorb on the subconscious level. Also, you will improve your accent if you watch various shows on Netflix. So it’s time for you to grab some food and start watching your favorite film or series right now!  
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