6 Hacks for Surviving Your Last Year as a Tech Major


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Let’s be real. Studying at university or college is a challenge itself. Assignments, essays, exams, lectures, and the need to become independent financially. However, the real challenge is surviving the last year before graduation. Double the amount of all tasks and their difficulty, and you may get an idea of how it will be.
Though seeking help from a professional essay service can save you some trouble, this will only do a part of the job. Such a move might reduce some of the workloads and give you additional time, though. Yet, the finals won’t pass themselves. So the earlier you begin preparing and build useful habits, the easier this path will be.
We made a shortlist of useful life hacks that might save some nerves and make the last year a more comfortable experience. 


You’ll be provided with most of the important dates at the beginning of the year. Note all of them and estimate how much time you need to allocate solely on the preparation for a certain exam. Of course, the assignments and other homework will also have their deadlines. But the main priority should still be exams, as they impact your grades more significantly.
Put them first, leave some time for preparation, and then distribute the remaining time. Never forget about the need for relaxation and personal life, put them in a plan too! Overworking yourself won’t really help to become more productive. More of the opposite, it negatively affects performance.

Stay Healthy

Knowing how to keep your body intact and healthy is key to comfortable living. Not only in the university or college, but in general. The earlier you understand it, the more your organism will be thankful later. Let’s split this one into a few main points.
First, eating three times per day is the most suggested approach and the most basic one as well. Have a nutritious breakfast, it will provide you with the energy for the rest of the day. Support it with a decent lunch. The dinner should be the smallest meal of them. But, if you want to improve yourself even further, try to have a bigger amount of smaller meals.
Second, drinking at least two liters of water each day is required by your body to operate well. It directly impacts the bloodstream, removes all the wastes, and keeps you fit. After all, we all know that 70% of our body mass is water, so don’t underestimate the importance of staying hydrated.
Third, exercising doesn’t always mean going to a gym or running marathons. Spending 15 minutes a few times per day doing basic warm-up exercises and stretching isn’t that difficult. Yes, it’s hard to persuade yourself to start working out. But once you begin, it will be hard to imagine your life without even a tiny bit of sport.
Here goes the last but not the least important point. Sleeping is probably the most popular subject of jokes among students. It’s because none of them get enough of it. 
But is spending a few more hours trying to finish the task worth it? Absolutely not. Let the body and the mind have enough rest and watch how more productive you’ll become. Sleep for at least 7 hours per day.

Use All Available Resources

These days, we have the ability to access any information we need in only a few seconds. Don’t neglect this opportunity. Keep searching and searching not only for the data you need at the moment but also for what might become handy in the future. Most of the libraries are available online nowadays, but having a walk to an offline one may surprise you. 
Some books contain knowledge that is deeply hidden on the internet. Who knew that sometimes doing your research the old-school way could be more effective? 

Don’t Distract Yourself

One should know one’s goals and what’s needed to achieve them. This can be applied generally, or even in the usual chores like writing an essay. Focus on the matter ahead and don’t pay attention to anything else. You will be surprised how faster and efficient it is this way.
The thing is, most people think that they’re successful in multitasking, especially when working or studying. But in reality, this might not be the truth. 
Multitasker simply switches between different tasks, reducing the concentration, and increasing the required time for each thing. Start a certain task, complete it, and move on. No need to do three things at once, it’s just a waste of time.

Less Comparison, More Motivation

As corny as it sounds, everyone is different. See a certain person doing something better and faster than you? Well, maybe they’ve spent more time preparing and training. Or maybe they’re just lucky. 
It shouldn’t matter anyway, as thinking about other people won’t improve your performance and productivity but can only cause stress and anxiety. Concentrate on knowing your weak points and working on them, instead of blaming the others for being lucky. 
Keep yourself motivated. The more time and effort you put in developing yourself, the easier your life will be. Who knows, maybe you will become the one to be called “lucky” for being successful. 

Don’t Forget to Hang Out

Spending time with the people you find interesting is always a pleasant feeling, be it your close friends or new random acquaintances. Having fun or partying is even more enjoyable, just don’t forget about the possible consequences!
Forming study groups is another way of socializing. Of course, it’s more “formal”, but only a tiny bit. Don’t make the conversation too hard to understand. Otherwise, the information discussed will be memorized poorly. The easier a certain concept is described to someone, the better they’ll understand and remember it.

Final Words

The closer the graduation is, the more nervous you become, it’s a fact. Try to keep yourself calm, prepared, and motivated. If it helps, concentrate on what you would want to do after university. Have a glance at available career paths and demand predictions. Trust in yourself and anything will be easy to achieve!
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