50 Most Common Phrasal Verbs – Part 2


Phrasal Verbs English Teacher

Let’s check out (examine) the second part of the most common phrasal verbs in English!

1. Back up = to support
Her parents have always backed her up in all her endeavors.
2. Carry on with = to continue
Please carry on with your work.
3. Catch up = to hear someone’s news
We haven’t seen each other in ages so we spent the whole afternoon catching up.
4. Cut down on = to reduce, esp. unhealthy food and drinks
You really have to cut down on sugar.
5. Doze off = to fall asleep
I was so tired that I dozed off on the bus on my way home.
6. Eat out = to eat in a restaurant
How about eating out tonight? I know the perfect restaurant!
7. Fill in = to add information on an official document
Please fill in your name and address here.
8. Fit in = to be accepted by a group of people
When she changed her school she had a hard time fitting it in the beginning.
9. Go for = to try to achieve something
If that’s what you want, go for it!
10. Go through = to search or check something/experience something unpleasant
I’ve gone through all the files but I couldn’t find the data.
I can’t imagine what she’s going through after they fired her.
11. Keep up = to continue doing something at the same level
Keep up the great job!
12. Let down = to disappoint
I’m sorry if I somehow let you down.
13. Look forward to = to feel excited about a future event
I’m looking forward to my winter holidays!
14. Mess up = to make a mistake, ruin something
Can you please help me with the dish? I don’t want to mess it up.
15. Pass by = to miss something
I couldn’t let such a golden opportunity pass by!
16. Put aside = to save money
She’s been putting aside some money for a year to buy a new house.
17. Show off = to brag about something
Ever since she bought her car she’s been showing off.
18. Stay up = to stay awake for a long time
We stayed up all night to finish our project.
19. Talk over = to discuss
There are a few things I’d like to talk over with you.
20. Take up = to start a new hobby
She has recently taken up drawing as a way to relax.
21. Think over = to consider carefully
I’ll have to think it over first before I decide.
22. Try out = to try something new
He loves trying out new things, especially if they are adrenaline-packed.
23. Turn out = to develop or end in a particular way/be the case
The cake didn’t turn out quite as I expected.
It turns out that they are cousins!
24. Wear down = to make someone tired
I was totally worn down after skiing.
25. Wind down = to relax
After a long day’s work, she loves to wind down in a hot bath.
There we have it – 50 most common phrasal verbs that will help you sound more like a native speaker in no time!


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