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School punishment caused the death of a 13-year-old in Thailand

school punishment

A 13-year-old student in Thailand died from heart failure after undergoing a school punishment of 100 squat jumps for not submitting a homework.

School punishment resulted in student’s death

Parents, friends, and classmates are mourning over the tragic loss of a 13-year-old student from Thawarankun School in Thailand. The kid died of heart failure after being subjected to a school punishment of 100 squat jumps for not completing his homework in time.
Potay Suriyawt Jiwakanon, was a 13-year-old student studying at Thawarankun School in Thailand. According to the narration of the parents, Potay, was absent from school for three days due to illness.

Since he was sick, we have decided to not let him go to school, as others students and teachers might mistaken him to infected with COVID-19.

When Potay was feeling better, he resumed school but was confronted by his teacher for not submitting the homework that as given to them. Despite having a valid reason for being sick for the past few days and a legit medical certificate to back it up, Potay was still subjected to school punishment by the teacher. The poor student was forced to perform 100 squat jumps as part of his school punishment.
The next day, Potay was feeling unwell again, with no one looking after him, since his parents were out for work. He was also watching over his younger brother, who was with him at the house during that time.
Unknowingly, his parents have no idea that their son already died an hour before they arrived home from work, and only found out about it in the morning. According to doctors, the kid died of heart failure while at sleep, approximately around 3 AM.
The school acknowledges the involvement of their teacher to what happened to Potay, they have sent their apologies to the family and promised to shoulder the expenses for Potay’s death. Meanwhile, the teacher will undergo a closed-door discussion before legal actions will be filed.


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