Washington U physicists grabs 3M USD Breakthrough Prize Award

breakthrough prize award

Three physicists bagged one of the $3 million cash incentives from the 2021 Breakthrough Prize Awards.

Breakthrough Prize Awards

During the announcing of winners of the 2021 Breakthrough Prize Awards last September 10, three physicists from the Washington University shared the prestige among with other brilliant minds from different areas of specialties. Namely, Blayne Heckel, Eric Adelberger, and Jens Gundlach, these standouts from the field of physics, have successfully disproved one of the most intriguing concepts in Physics, the existence of a fifth force.
The committee from the Breakthrough Prize Awards of 2021, duly acknowledged the three physicists for their contribution to the field of dark energy, dark matter, and elaborating further in the details about how the Earth’s gravity works.
The three physicists are pretty popular in their field for going after published theories and stipulations and trying to look for loopholes and reasons to track such scientific claims.

Torsion balance

In order to disprove the idea that a fifth force of the elements does exist, the trio of physicists came up with the “Torsion Balance. The device was intended to confirm if a fifth element does exist, as theorized by Ephraim Fischbach of Purdue University. However, with precise measurements provided by the Torsion Balance, it came to a generalization that the fifth element didn’t exist, that a faint, short-ranged gravitational pull is not existent at all.
Being chosen to be a part of the search for the next Breakthrough Prize winner is already a big achievement, what more is it to actually be part of it. With a total prize pool of almost $22 million, the Breakthrough Prize was believed to be the most prestigious award around for the field sciences, physicists, and mathematics.


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