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Wuhan reopens schools after months of lockdown

Wuhan schools reopen

The coronavirus epicenter and where the virus originated from in 2019, Wuhan, has reopened its doors to students. This comes after months of lockdown when the government declared a total lockdown on more than 11 million citizens in the region to curb the spread of coronavirus.
On Tuesday, students started streaming to schools one by one, wearing a facemask and observing other measures the government has put in place to curb the spread of the virus. All schools in the region were reported to have opened their doors to students, and it was a fully reopening of in-person classes.

Reopening of schools in Wuhan

News organizations in China started streaming images of the jovial students returning back to schools and showing how the situation was in Wuhan. A daily routine that involves students hoisting the Chinese flag by all schools was also broadcasted countrywide by the local media, showcasing their success in the handling of the virus.
Students attending schools were advised by the government and school officials to ensure that they wear masks to curb the spread of the virus. They were also asked to observe social distance and while traveling, they should avoid public transport whenever possible.
The schools were also given a mandate to conducts drills with students meant in educating them on how to handle the spread of the virus in the country. Teachers were also asked to train students on the best ways of ensuring the curbing of the virus in the country.
The school reopening in Wuhan saw a total of 1.4 million students, who had not set a foot in an in-person class return to school. Over 2,800 kindergartens, primary and middle schools were reopened in the region.
China was able to control its virus recording just over 80,000 cases and 4,000 fatalities after the virus was first recorded in the country. The country was able to put millions of people in lockdown, and in May, they conducted 11 million tests in Wuhan to ensure that they were not reopening at the peak of the virus. In the last few days, China has not recorded a single case of locally transmitted coronavirus infection.
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