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Vanda hedge fund leaps by 278 percent

Hedge Fund accelerates by 278% in 2019

Vanda Global Fund Limited has emerged to be hedge fund of the year based on its outstanding performance. Expressly, as per July 2019, it had increased by two hundred and seventy-eight percent (278%). 
In 2016, Vanda Global Fund Ltd, a hedge fund, had decreased by at least fifty percent (50%) despite it being created with twenty-four million dollars ($24M).
At this point, the founder Chong Chin Eai was considering closing shop after compensating the losses incurred by investors with personal savings. Nevertheless, he did not give in to fear as he decided to forge forward.

Hedge fund utilizes a high-octane approach

According to Chong, many fund managers would have given up after seeing Vanda’s diminishing rate upon its inception. Others less intuitive could have closed shop and started a brand new hedge fund.
Chong, however, asserts that he took a different approach because he wanted to demonstrate his confidence in the growth and flow of the fund. 
According to Mohammad Hassan, a Eurekahedge analyst, high-octane approaches are risky because if things go wrong, collapse is inevitable. He asserts that Vanda prospered because its volatility depicts that of cryptocurrency investment.
Hassan also notes that in 2016 and 2018, the markets were not friendly to this strategy. However, Chong favored it, and this made Vanda thrive as the market adopted the high-octane approach. 

Vanda as a reckoning hedge fund

Vanda has grown to be an incredible hedge fund, as illustrated by its exceptional growth rate in 2019.
Presently, it manages assets worth one hundred and ninety-four million dollars ($194M). It is also trading on Swiss-Asia Asset Management platform. 
Vanda has at least one hundred (100) assets ranging from equity indexes, government bonds to commodities. 
Chong asserts that Vanda’s target is to attain a value of five hundred million dollars ($500M) in the next five years. 
Funding is instrumental in the growth of distinctive sectors, and education is not an exemption. For instance, Esso, one of the significant petrol providers in the globe, recently chose to propel the Thailand Equitable Education Fund (EEF) by offering at least fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).  


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