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Unfriendly foreign policy in the US causes doubts for international students

foreign policy in the US

The worsening foreign policy in the US threatens international students to study in the US.

Unfriendly foreign policy in the US

China is the biggest contributor to international students worldwide. Over 600,000 Chinese students went abroad to study in 2018, most of which landed on the US and the UK.
Before, the US has been the primary destination of Chinese international students. However, due to changing foreign policy in the US since the Trump administration came to office, the shift of students to the UK has started.
The conflict between China and the US since the Trump administration assumed office has caused concern for Chinese international students in the country.
The rift between the two countries has just worsened amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The administration has continuously tagged the virus with China. This mindset by the government has passed on to the people, creating a cloud of hate and disgust against Chinese people.
Now, Chinese students aiming for that big American dream is having thoughts on pursuing their education in the US.

The UK is a good second option

For the past year, the UK has overtaken the US in the number of international student enrollees from China.
The same level of quality education in the US can be relatively compared to what the UK is offering, without the racist and unfriendly foreign policy in the US.
In addition, with the pandemic going out of hand in the US, it will also be a safer option to defer from studying there for now.
As the current administration is seated in the US, a decline of interest from Chinese international students to study in the US is highly expected.
For the next few years, other countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia might emerge from the list of top destinations for international students.


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