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Teachers Sponsor a Poverty-stricken Student to Pursue Higher Education

Teachers of “Zilla Parishad High School” of Muthyampeta village in Telangana, India became good Samaritans for their student Malliala Ajay who was being forced to forsake his dreams of higher education due to extreme poverty.
After completing his SSC examination in which Ajay had scored nine point seven (9.7) GPA, he got admission to IIIT-Basara.
Unfortunately for Ajay, his extremely weak economic background made it difficult to come up with the fee required. While the amount may seem small ( INR nine thousand two hundred) for most, his father, who is a laborer and mother who is an agricultural worker found it challenging to come up with this amount.
He has two younger siblings, and the family decided to withdraw his admissions. When Mr. Venkateshwarlu, who was the headmaster of his school, heard the news, he paid him a visit. The headmaster was accompanied by his teachers.
Ajay broke down on seeing his teachers. Upon returning to school, the headmaster called for a meeting of his faculty where he declared his intentions to contribute INR ten thousand towards Ajay’s fees. This prompted his teachers Manohar Rao and K Sujata to commit the same amount for their student’s education.  Four more teachers pitched in with INR five thousand each.
With this amount in hand, Mr. Venkateshwarlu took Ajay to IIIT-Basara and completed his admission procedures. The remaining money was used to buy clothes and other required materials for him.
As the story of this generosity spread, more contributions started coming in. The village “Netaji Youth Club” collected INR five thousand, and the association of non-resident Indians contributed INR fifteen thousand.
Further to this Mr. Rammohan, who is newly elected to of Zilla Parishad Territorial Constituency and Mr. Tirupathi Reddy ( the village sarpanch) also contributed INR five thousand each.
The headmaster declared that he would open a joint account and the contributions would be deposited in this to support Ajay’s higher education.
Ajay, who hopes to become a software engineer, expressed his sincere gratitude towards his teachers and others who supported his ambition. He said,
“I will always remain indebted to them for making my higher education dream come true.”


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