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McGraw-Hill and Renaissance eServices to Bring Online Education for Doctors in India

Online education is now making its way to the lives of doctors, medical students, and other healthcare professionals in India thanks to the alliance between McGraw-Hill and Renaissance eServices. 
The courses are developed under the patronage of The National Health Service(NHS), UK. The respective Royal Colleges will certify these courses.
Surgery, Radiology, Diabetes, Anaesthesia, Dentistry, etc. are some of the areas for which specialized courses will be offered under this partnership. This will be an excellent opportunity for students of medicine, doctors, and other health professionals to upgrade their knowledge while continuing their services in India.
While announcing the collaboration, Dr. Lalit Singh, MD of India for McGraw-Hill said,
“In line with our vision to unlock the potential for each learner, McGraw-Hill views this agreement as an exciting opportunity to help bridge the skill gaps in the healthcare sector. The powerful combination of high-quality, authoritative content and cutting edge digital tools will help students and professionals in India retain and master the concepts they need to grow and succeed throughout their careers.” 
Given that this initiative will give participants access to the same courses as those available to the medical professionals under NHS UK, it will definitely be of immense value to the healthcare ecosystem in India.
The pedagogy of online education will complement the traditional methods of academia. Online courses will have content that uses animations and videos to make them highly interactive.
 McGraw-Hill headquartered in New York is one of the biggest educational publishers that provides “personalized learning experience” that continues to help students, educators, and professionals.


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