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Singapore: How studying overseas has been impacted by COVID-19

Singapore_ How studying overseas has been impacted by COVID-19

The global spread of coronavirus meant that international travel had to be shut down, making the prospects of studying overseas for Singaporean slim due to these restrictions.

However, for students looking forward to studying overseas, the impact of Covid-19 may not have deterred them from pursuing their education abroad.  

Students studying overseas

A recent publication by the CNA found that students are still eager to go abroad for their studies. Although they expressed fear and doubts over what the current pandemic has done to the education system and the migration to digital platforms, many of the students who had already made plans to study overseas are still pursuing those plans.

The publication also noted that between 2017 and 2018, there have been over 7,000 students from Singapore who have moved to the UK for their studies. However, the past few months have made the situation for aspiring students looking to study overseas due to travel restrictions in both countries.

Nancy Xu, 18, is one such student who is determined to move to the UK for her studies. Although she realizes that the current climate will make it harder for her to move to the country, she indicated that she remained optimistic that things would change, the pandemic put under control, which would allow her to move to her preferred school abroad for her studies.

In an interview, she indicated that she would not be bothered by the raging pandemic in her quest to study abroad. She also indicated that her parents were also focused on getting her the best school they could, indicating that if she could get a good school in the UK, her parents would not object to her moving to the school.

She continued by indicating that her parents were not much concerned about the cost in monetary value, indicating that they just wanted her to get a good education. She also noted that they were unbothered by the possibility that most of her classes would be online.

Ms. Xu’s sentiments are being echoed across the country for thousands of students looking to study abroad. Unless the virus is brought under control, however, the situation will remain dire for these students and many may not get an opportunity to study abroad.


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