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Private schools asked to postpone tuition fee hike for school year 2020-2021

tuition fee hike

DepEd asks private schools to defer tuition fee hike for the upcoming school year.

Tuition fee hike in private schools

A number of private schools in the country have already expressed their intentions in a tuition fee hike for the school year 2020-2021. As enrollment draws near, parents grow concerned over the news of a possible tuition fee hike on some of the premier private schools in the country.
Groups of private school administrators voiced out the need for additional funding to help private schools sustain the format of the new normal in education.

It is certain that major adjustments shall be made during the new normal in education. In the private sector, where shall we look for funds¬† to sustain these new adjustments if we don’t pass it on in a form of a tuition fee hike?

But, the Department of Education is appealing to the groups of private schools to reconsider the plan of having a tuition fee hike for this upcoming school year.

In support of the families that were financially handicapped by the pandemic, we ask the private school administrators to defer the intended tuition fee increases this upcoming enrollment season.

A lot of Filipino families were affected financially due to the lockdown and economic downfall caused by the COVID-19, if private schools do impose an increase in their tuition rates, more students will be forced to skip the school year or transfer to an already overcrowded public school system.
Earlier, the DepEd already issued a memorandum to private school administrators, that in case of a tuition fee increase, it should be well documented and approved by the DepEd Regional offices.
The agency is calling a meeting with the groups of private school administrators, to discuss possible mediations in order to help secure an affordable and accessible education for Filipino students despite the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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