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Reduce workload for teachers: Teachers are at the brink of exhaustion

reduce workload for teachers

The Department of Education needs to reduce workload for teachers, blended learning isn’t as convenient as it may look like.

Reduce workload for teachers or offer teacher assistance programs

The new normal on education isn’t quite as convenient not only for the students but for the teachers nonetheless. There is a need to reduce workload for teachers, as suggested by the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT). A lot of public teachers are on the brink of burnout during the preparations for the blended learning program. With new guidelines, new methods, new technology, longer work hours, our public teachers seem to be taking in more than what they can handle. Blended learning is a new normal sure is difficult at the beginning, but, the pressure being laid on the backs of our teachers is overwhelming, and too much for some to handle.
ACT spokesperson Raymond Basilio urges the DepEd to reduce workload for teachers and adjust the guidelines regarding work schedules. Teachers are being bombarded with new objectives every now and then, from constant attendance in webinars, to familiarizing the online platform, keeping on top of the printing and distribution of learning modules for their students, and constantly revising lesson plans that would fit with the guidelines of blended learning.

It is and understatement to say that our teachers are drained out during the preparations for the blended learning program. It is expected to be more tedious once classes officially starts.

The help DepEd promised by hiring displaced private school teachers should already be implemented already. As the deadline for the start of classes draws near, teachers are getting more preoccupied with a lot of the tasks on hand. Needed assistance will surely be appreciated to keep our teachers away from burnout and exhaustion. In addition, the ratio of students to teacher for the coming school year has drastically increased. ACT hopes that DepEd does realize that blended learning doesn’t make it easier for the teachers and thus increasing their student capacity in class will certainly help in the process.


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