Quantum computing education in Europe receives a boost from IBM

IBM, a leader in the field of technologies, has announced a joint project with several European organizations and universities to promote research and education developments in quantum computing.
The IBM Quantum Network is a group of Fortune 500 companies, academic organizations, and research centers, who have teamed up to invest in the advancement of quantum technologies and specifically quantum computing. Its growth over Europe will be a boost for research and innovation all over the continent.

Quantum computing education in Europe

To boost the Quantum Network’s reach in Europe, IBM has decided to enter numerous partnerships with companies and educational institutions around the continent.
One of the major projects for IBM in Europe will be a collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, which aims to build upon the foundational science, technology, and software necessary for the creation of elaborate quantum systems.
Meanwhile, Geneva will start offering courses on blockchain and digital currencies, which only emphasizes Switzerland’s interest in technological advancements.
Another major joint initiative of the Network will be with Finland, where the University of Alto will focus its efforts to develop the quantum computing power of the country further. The IBM Q Network will also work with the University of Turku to establish research groups, which will be looking at quantum computing algorithms.
The IBM Quantum Network is an enormous pool of resources, and European universities and research organizations will be able to benefit from the help of many specialized educational materials. These collaborations will serve as a solid foundation for further innovation in the field of quantum computing.


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