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Philippine edtech firm receives $125000 from Y Combinator

Philippine edtech firm receives $125000 from Y Combinator

An edtech firm from the Philippines has raised $125000 in funding. The firm received funding from Y Combinator, which helps startups with funding, to continue in its work in developing a school where students from the Philippines would learn how to become software engineers and make a living working remotely.

Edtech course program

The edtech firm provides a 12-week course teaching students skills required to become a software engineer.  The program also focuses on teaching its students about available employment opportunities and collaborates with over 80 partner companies to help its students to transition to the working world once they are done with the course.

Avion School, the edtech company, revealed that it sees a huge opportunity in the US market, where there are over 800,000 software engineering jobs available. 

On how its students are able to meet the cost of their education, the Avion school program does not ask their students for fees beforehand. The students learn for free and after the 12-week course is over, the school finds job placement for its students, and only when hired are they required to pay for the fees.

Victor Rivera, the CEO of Avion School indicated that opportunities available in the industry are difficult to fill because of the skill shortage in the field. He added that in essence, his company was building a call center where they could bridge the gap between the available opportunities and software engineering skills.

Since its launch in May, the company indicated that it had already had seven batches of student graduates, with its graduate attracting at least 40 percent higher salaries compared to market value.


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