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Parents prefer modular learning among over other distance learning programs

modular learning

Most parents still prefer modular learning over other distance learning modalities available.

Modular Learning ranks first

A specialized survey for parents has been conducted by the Department of Education to find out if which among the blended learning programs do they prefer. The DepEd’s Learner Enrollment Survey results showed that modular learning is the most preferred mode of blended learning by parents.
Among the choices included in the survey are the following:

  • Online learning
  • Mass Media ( Television and Radio )
  • Modular learning
  • Physical classes combined with other modalities

Almost nine million respondents prefer modular learning as the primary means of delivering blended education, followed by the option of going back to physical classes with added modalities.
Online learning only ranked third at around 3.5 million followed by 2.2 million users that preferred television and radio combined.
The survey helps DepEd come up with a more efficient mode of learning for the coming school year. As parents prefer going with the printed material option, DepEd is looking forward to improving learning materials to be used for the modular learning option.

DepEd teachers 80 percent mark

The Department of Education has achieved its expected 80 percent enrollment rate for the upcoming school year. The agency is confident that they have the support of the parents despite constant objections received from activist groups.
The agency firmly believes that the country can surpass the difficulties of blended earning despite being trying it for the first time. Data shows that accessibility to gadgets is not much of a problem for most students in the country. With the support of other learning modules, students will be able to continue with their education despite the difficulties presented by this pandemic.


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