Online quantum computing course for high school students developed

quantum computing

Young science enthusiasts will now be able to study quantum computing online thanks to a collaboration between a group of researchers at Fermilab and young students in mind.
The course is meant for high school students, but will also be made available for students in community colleges and undergraduate courses. The course titled ‘Quantum Computing as a High School Module’ will explore various quantum physics concepts such as superposition, qubits encryption and how quantum computers actually work. It will also explore complex subjects such as entanglements and teleportation.

Quantum computing potential

The bizarre world of quantum physics explores how particles a galaxy apart can be connected. When these concepts are merged into making a computer system, the systems are able to perform more complex than that the classical computers.
Quantum computers use qubits, which are capable of being in two separate states, on and off, at the same time. Unlike the traditional computer system which uses bits and can only be either on or off, quantum computers are able to compute multiple inputs simultaneously, making them more powerful.
The huge potential of quantum computing has not gone unnoticed, as more countries are now investing billions to have an edge in this field.

Decrypt the most complex encryptions in minutes

The power of quantum computers can also be used to cause harm. Faster computation power for these systems means they can be able to decrypt the most complex encryptions in a matter of minutes. This was demonstrated by Google which used its quantum computer called Sycamore to solve a complex problem that would have taken a supercomputer more than 10,000 years in just under 200 seconds.
Therefore, in the wrong hands, the computer system can be used for hacking other systems such as banking and power grids and cause unimaginable losses. Students taking the course will also be taught about the safety of quantum computers and their potential and how they can be used to increase the security of computer systems.


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