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Institutional racism towards BAME in UK universities

In the UK, senior managers reveal that the social concept of free racism is a false hope for black, Asian, and minority ethnic people (BAME) in what they call as “hidden white networks.”
From a study published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency in 2015, no black academics were accepted in senior career titles and advancements such as managers and directors. This happened within three years in a row.
Within the research, UK universities tend to employ black people in lower-end positions such as cleaners, porters or receptionist staff rather than as educational practitioners or lecturers. Not only that, some cited department heads admitted that they are discouraging BAME applying for job promotions. 
The British Labour Party politician, David Lammy, said this with absolute concern:

“This is absolutely shocking. I am appalled that higher education is so deeply unrepresentative of the country.”
“Universities talk about widening participation and fair access but the complete lack of diversity in senior positions sends out an absolutely dreadful message to young people from ethnic minorities who find themselves wondering whether the university is for them or not.”

Even with educational international recognition, BAME academics are often being dismissed as the  “marginal interest” – this meant that any academic achievement of a BAME who came from Africa for example, this would only be considered as “low insignificance.” 
All for the reason that its professional background “did not make a significant impact on British or American scholarship.” In the end, the contribution which was made in Africa will be acknowledged as nulled.
The social issue still persists not just within the shut doors of universities. The reason why this couldn’t be stopped is that the majority of decision-makers in senior job positions are all white. 
The subtlety of white cultural expectations has no doubt caused restricted career opportunities for BAME which could only be resolved by having undivided respect with the help of the government.


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