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Young black people unlikely to get Covid vaccination

Young black people are unlikely to get vaccinated against Coronavirus, a recent Survey of 4000 people within the age grade of 13 to 20, came to that significant conclusion recently. According to the survey, almost one-third of the sample population showed a hesitant trait to the vaccine which is otherwise known as “Vaccine Hesitancy.” This […]

40K additional teachers in the UK return to work Europe Teachers

40K additional teachers in the UK return to work

Teachers in the UK are slowly coming back to classes amid coronavirus concerns. In one week, the number of teachers attending classes has increased by 40,000 from 200,000 to 240,000. On June 1st, the UK reopened schools amid controversies and fear about the safety of students and school staff. More than three weeks later, the […]

Language students in the UK facing a difficult time traveling abroad for learning Europe Universities

Language students in the UK facing a difficult time traveling abroad for learning

The year abroad program for language students in the UK is being abandoned after the spread of coronavirus in the country. Virtual year abroad is being hailed as a viable replacement for the program by many universities. The spread of coronavirus across Europe has resulted in many universities canceling overseas learning trips. However, some are […]

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Women leaders with low pay in UK universities, is job-sharing the solution?

Surveys prove that women leaders increase productivity and innovation in the sector. However, in spite of increases in recent years, only 27 percent of varsity vice-chancellors and heads of the academic institution governing bodies are women. The gender pay gap also compounds the alarming issues across the educational system. Although, the issue of the gender […]

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Britain's teachers are moving out by 1000s lured by lucrative overseas jobs

Britain’s teachers are moving out by thousands as many are being lured overseas away by lucrative pay packages, and better working environments. Most of these teachers quit teaching in schools in different provinces of the United Kingdom, and migrate to Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, Switzerland, Nepal, amongst many other international countries. The reason for the […]

UK education system to be integrated with contentious measures Europe Government

Rough road ahead for the UK education system

The United Kingdom (UK) education structure is expected to be integrated with policies that are deemed controversial and dramatic, which include free schools, cracking down on learners’ behaviors, and funding to the tune of billions of pounds. This information was revealed by a briefing document depicted “Official-Sensitive” and dated August 22.  Additionally, the statement also […]

UK skills deficit needs more than an elevated STEM study Europe Industry

Low skills despite high STEM in 73 percent applicants

Feedback from at least seven hundred (700) United Kingdom (UK) companies showed that seventy-three percent (73%) found job applicants whose workplace skills did not match their academic knowledge.  Statistics show twenty-six and two-tenths percent (26.2%) elevation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) ratings from 2010; nevertheless, this increase in STEM scores do not correlate […]

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Creative education hoisted by UK stars

Celebrities in the United Kingdom (UK) lamented poor developments in creative education and addressed the issues plaguing the creative industries. The proposed improvements were sent in an open letter to the UK government. OVER 150 celebrities and industry leaders alike have signed a letter from the Creative Industries Federation, calling on the government to recognize […]