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India CBSE releases guidelines through a letter for schools

India CBSE releases guidelines through a letter for schools

Lockdown has led to India CBSE releasing guidelines on what their affiliate institutions should handle the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. The directive comes after the Government of India decided to lock down the country for fears the virus would spread to other regions.
Amidst lockdown in India, the Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, has provided guidelines to schools affiliated with it and which have been affected by the coronavirus. The guideline comes after the government decided to lock down the country due to coronavirus which has already infected more than 4,000 in the country.

India CBSE guideline on schooling at home

Regarding schooling at home, the board stated in the letter that it was time to shift from exclusively school-based education system during this period to school-home based education. This will help the parents get involved in their children learning life. It will also help the continuation of education during this period.
CBSE also stated that it was focused on completing the curriculum and the home environment would provide a perfect ground for students to continue learning. Emphasis was also placed on the importance of parent-students-teachers collaboration during this period. If there will be progress to be made during the lockdown period, it will have to come from a concerted from the three parties.
Teachers will also send questionnaires to parents according to the Indian CBSE guidelines. They argued that this will help them in nudging the parents to get more involved in their children’s education during this period. Teachers will also be able to explain the progress of their children better through a question and answer engagement between the two stakeholders.

Co-curricular activities during the lockdown

The CBSE board also directed the parents to use home co-curricular activities as a learning curve for their children. They highlighted that kitchen work and other house based chores can be a good learning process about home management.
The letter continued by urging parents to help their children access technology that they can use during their free time to learn about the world around them. Learning resources from Youtube and other websites were highly recommended during this period as parents and students continue working from home during the lockdown.
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