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Higher education: Challenges fixed by AI

Higher education to be transformed through AI

Higher education sector gets boosted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) which addresses some of its challenges, such as accessibility, elevated student expectations, and decreasing lecture attendances. 
Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the components stipulated to instigate the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), whereby the modern space will be altered through technological innovations.
AI is fronted to be transformative at a time when individual universities in the UK have started being graded through the teaching excellence framework (TEF). 

AI favored by higher education digital leaders

Digital leaders in the higher education sector have not been oblivious to the benefits that can be rendered by AI tools, especially in the maintenance of high standards. 
According to a recent survey, AI and online learning tools were substantially recommended by digital leaders as they were at the apex of their wish-lists. 
A notable trend is being witnessed, whereby AI is being inculcated into online learning tools. This has proven to be an exciting moment for the digital publishing industry. 
AI has incredible advantages as it has the capability of making students’ online learning experience adaptive and personalized. For instance, AI will equip lecturers with robust learning data that will make them more insightful. 

Personalized learning instigated by AI

One of the vital benefits of AI in higher education entails the creation of a more personalized learning environment. This means learning is tailored to the objectives and needs of individual students so that the overall results can be optimized. 
Nudging is one of the perfect examples of personalized learning. It entails the manner in which behavior is positively influenced. 
For instance, an AI network can utilize nudging by recognizing an area of study being missed or ignored by a student. As a result, helpful links can be created, and this can guide the student towards the right answer.
Personalized learning also entails providing students with targeted feedback. On the other hand, AI can prompt adaptive learning through the modification of course materials and delivering them through eTextbooks depending on students’ interaction.
AI is being considerably embraced in the education sector across the globe. For example, Squirrel AI Learning is a Chinese after-school tuition provider that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to provide content personalized to the needs of the student.


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