Glupteba malware attacks Bitcoin blockchain

Brian Njuguna

Glupteba malware attacks Bitcoin blockchain

According to TrendMicro’s, a technology blog, Glupteba malware has emerged in a new form that can utilize the Bitcoin network in resisting attacks by itself. 
Expressly, Glupteba malware has been exploiting various security vulnerabilities to protect itself from several attacks. 

Glupteba malware capabilities

Information availed by TrendMicro depicts that Glupteba malware has the capacity of manipulating systems in mining Monero cryptocurrency. As a result, crucial data found in browsers, such as cookies and passwords, will be stolen. 
Additionally, analysts have stipulated that this malware can exploit a specific security weakness in MicroTik routers in the modification of specific machine into a SOCKs proxy. 
The primary goal for this is ensuring that spam attempts are spread widely. Expressly, Instagram users may be threatened by this form of Glupteba malware. 
It has also been affirmed that the infection instigated usually occurs in a particular operating mode. 

Glupteba malware utilizes Electrum Bitcoin wallet

Explicitly, the Glupteba malware has shown signs of utilizing the Electrum Bitcoin wallet in sending Bitcoin transactions as this enables attackers or hackers to penetrate the desired networks. 
This approach has prompted convenience for the threat actor in the replacement of control and command servers, centralized computers that make commands on infected devices. 
In case, the attackers are not able to manipulate the control and command server; a new bitcoin script is added. 
Conversely, Bismark public schools, in the United States, recently became victims of a malware attack in the form of a data breach, whereby their administrative networks were affected. 
Expressly, eighteen thousand and five hundred (18,500) current and former students and faculty members were affected by this malware attack. As a result, their personal information was prone to be manipulated by hackers in undertaking many illegal activities. 
The issue of public school cybersecurity is emerging to be a severe problem globally, as numerous educational institutions have become victims of malicious breaches.  

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