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Blockchain Education for China's Largest IT

It’s time for Chinese programmers to learn the principles of blockchain development from the largest platform in IT education in the country. serves to expand IT education nation-wide and currently owns over 600,000 members. 
With more than 2500 study programs, Jikexueyuan platform offers education for developers working with Android operating system. 

Blockchain Education for China

China is known as the largest centration of Bitcoin mining pools in 2019. Since the dawn of cryptocurrency and blockchain platform, the country has seen development in IT education. But the user experience speaks for itself.
The adoption of blockchain technologies by the masses in China and all over the world is confusing for those who might never have heard about the crypto and blockchain terminology. People who don’t fully understand a concept might be a bit startled to use cryptocurrency wallets and exchange platforms. 
Simplifying blockchain and cryptocurrency world is vital for the future of the financial sector and the safe future of the worldly population. 
We have already witnessed thousands of digital wallets enter the market, but are they comfortable and straightforward enough for your grandparents to use? To build a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform, blockchain industry needs educated developers. 
High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is training developers with a series of blockchain courses, available on Jikexueyuan platform. The series is called “Blockchain Wallet iOS & Android in Practice”. Author of the courses is Lan Lianhua, Web Developer and Founding Member of Union Pay Smart. 
Lan thinks that blockchain is a buzzword and an essential concept of 2019. He believes that many courses are only theory-oriented and teach developers nothing. Only a few of them address actual practical implementation. He hopes that these courses will help developers learn more about the practical application of a blockchain education.


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