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Extended class hours for online learning: Is 8 hours a bit too much?

extended class hours

The Department of Educations suggests for extended class hours for online learning classes, to cope up with 200 to 220 calendar school days mandated by the law.

Extended class hours for online learning can be detrimental to student’s progress

Alliance of Concerned Teachers Chairman Raymond Basilio has a new set of tirades against the Department of Education. This time, it involves the planned extended class hours for online learning by the department. Recently, a recommendation was presented upon the agency to extend the usual six hours classes of students to eight hours. The intention of the proposal is to end classes in May while concurring with the law mandating that a school year should be around 200 to 220 calendar days.
According to Basilio, extending class hours to eight hours is tiresome and grueling to both teachers and students. Also, the attention span of students cannot handle eight hours of online classes daily, it will be mentally exhausting for them. In addition, having to conduct online classes for too long might result in other difficulties such as lack of internet to sustain the whole duration and added expenses for internet consumption.

Extended class hours “not yet official”

According to DepEd Undersecretary for Planning, Human Resource and Organizational Development, and Field Operations, Jesus Lorenzo Mateo, there are a lot of changes to be considered, especially with the moving of the reopening of classes from August 24 to October 5. With the adjustment made in the reopening of classes, the whole academic school year will adjust, it will probably end by May. The department is also considering an extended class hours mandate to make sure that the academic year fits in the required duration of 200 to 220 calendar days.\
However, Mateo clarified that it was still considered a suggestion and not yet considered as final and official. DepEd is using the ample time it has until October 5 to come up with better directives on how to make up with the days to be allotted for the upcoming academic year.


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