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Update on DepEd's TV broadcast program: Pass or Fail?

deped's tv broadcast program

The test airing of DepEd’s TV broadcast program for blended learning gained an unpopular opinion from netizens.

Glitches around DepEd’s TV broadcast program

On Tuesday, DepEd’s TV broadcast program for blended learning made its first-ever test airing. The program was broadcasted on IBC-Channel 13 and Solar Learning. The test airing was made sure to monitor technical glitches and content concerns before its debut airing on August 24.
Test airing as it seems, several netizens who followed DepEd’s TV broadcast program has already spotted numerous grammar and typographic errors. Netizens brought it up on social media which gained the attention of the Department of Education Undersecretary Alain Pascua.
Pascua admitted that there is still a lot to work on with regard to the contents aired on the TV broadcast. With the help of observant citizens, it will certainly help them point out the errors that need to be corrected.

Grammar and typographical errors will be one of our main priorities to get fixed. We wouldn’t want to add it up to the confusion of the students watching our TV programs.

Reaching communities without internet access

Pascua also mentioned that a number of TV stations have also offered their frequencies to help transmit DepEd’s TV broadcast programs. The department is still sorting it out as they are looking for a stable frequency that is available to remote areas of the country.
The purpose of TV and radio broadcasts is to reach out to students without access to the internet, especially in remote areas. If the TV and radio frequencies the DepEd is gonna be using can’t also reach these areas, then the purpose is not well served.
With less than two weeks before the reopening of schools commence, DepEd is working double-time to ensure a smooth and productive school year for Filipino students across the country.
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