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DepEd's communication with its teachers is vital says VP Robredo

communication with its teachers

VP Robredo asks the Department of Education to strengthen its communication with its teachers to improve education deliverance in the country.

Communication with its teachers is the key

On her weekly radio broadcast, Vice President Leni Robredo called upon the Department of Education to make use of the extended schedule for the reopening of classes to address other underlying issues inside the blending learning program.
Communication with its teachers is the key to patch up the issues concerning the modalities of blended learning.
The reopening of classes in the PH has been moved to October 5 from the initial schedule of August 24. This gives around seven more weeks to prepare for the next schedule of the reopening of classes.
According to Robredo, this should be ample time for the DepEd to establish better communication with its teachers to get deeper on the deficiencies needed to be sorted out before the official opening of classes.
One of the main concerns that VP Robredo is looking into is the accessibility of blended learning modalities in far-flung areas. The DepEd has yet to produce enough modular learning materials to students in far-flung areas, with more than six weeks to go, it is expected that the department can come up with enough supply of the printed out materials for modular learning.


The office of the Vice President also came up with an online program that will help students and parents get oriented on the process of online learning implemented by the DepEd.
The online program can be accessed through its YouTube-Account “BAYANIHAN e-SKWELA” and its Official Facebook page.
The Vice President has also expressed its intention to help out the DepEd in the distribution of learning materials to far-flung areas with the difficulty of transportation.
The blended learning in PH education will consist of three major modalities: Online learning for those with gadgets and inter access, Mass Media learning through TV and Radio Broadcast,  and the modular learning where printed out self-learning modules are given to students.


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