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China expresses support for international cooperation in education and technology

China expresses support for international cooperation in education and technology

President Xi Jinping has indicated that China is open to cooperating with the international community in advancing the fields of education and technology. 

Xi, on Thursday, indicated that his country was looking forward to working with the international community in helping advancing education and technology in China and the rest of the world. In a video speech addressed to the Advisory Board of Tsinghua University School of Economics, he also congratulated the school as they marked 20 years since they first opened their doors.

China commitment to international cooperation

Xi continued by calling on the advisory board to continue offering advice and suggestions on how they can better China and advance the education and technology in the country. He also commended the school for being in the forefront in offering advice to different government and nongovernment institution that has led to growth in the country.

President Xi also commented on the going global struggle with the spread of coronavirus and the impact it has caused in the last few months.  He noted that the pandemic had decimated major economies and increased uncertainty for international communities. However, he noted that this was the perfect time for countries to strengthen solidarity and coordination and uphold multilateralism and jointly work together to meet the current challenges.

Xi also noted that China had been working hard to ensure that their international responsibilities complement their domestic markets, with a greater emphasis on the domestic market.

China has been focusing on international cooperation in the last few years, and last month they signed a historic regional agreement that involved 15 countries to create a trading block.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which involved 10 ASEAN was created to ensure that they reduce tariffs for imports and strengthen multilateral trade between the member nations.  Japan and China, for instance, will see China remove tariffs to over 86 percent of Japan’s imports, further highlighting how much the country is committed to multilateralism.


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