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Chinese teacher who stabbed students with a drawing compass as punishment, arrested

Chinese teacher who stabbed students with a drawing compass as punishment, arrested

Puning police have arrested a teacher who stabbed students using a drawing compass, igniting outrage in China. The local authorities indicated there were no serious injuries following the incident and they are continuing with the investigations.
A viral video showing a Chinese teacher using a drawing compass to punish his students has caused outrage in China. Mr. Xu allegedly stabbed at least 40 students who failed to complete homework. The incident took place in the city of Puning, Guangdong province of southern China.
The teacher was arrested and detained by Puning police, with local officials confirming that they were doing further investigation on the alleged crime. They also indicated that the institution where the alleged stabbing occurred was a private school in the region.

Outrage on the teacher who stabbed students

The footage was shared across social media platforms in the country and ignited that debate about the teacher’s punishment. It also showed injuries suffered by a student who had red spots on the forearm. Although the injuries seen in the videos were not serious, they nonetheless a lot of people.
The viral video lead to other parents coming detailing that their children had also undergone a similar punishment from the same teacher, which lead to his arrest. In a parent’s social media platform. Screenshots taken from the parents’ forum showed they were outraged by what had unfolded at the schools.
The local government revealed the students had suffered minor injuries and had already been tendered by doctors who had arrived at the institution following the incident. They also indicated that the investigation was still ongoing and the teacher would be charged.
The age and identities of the stabbed students was not released by local authorities. However, local media indicated that the incident occurred in a middle school, where students’ ages range from 13 to 16 years.
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