3 ways to promote better study habits, backed by cognitive research

better study habits

Researchers come up with ways to promote better study habits for students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Promoting better study habits

The pandemic has certainly affected everyone mentally one way or another.  COVID-19 has brought us panic, tension, and fear. Things that greatly contributes to the deterioration of our mental health.
As classes start to resume in various countries worldwide, the question is:

“How will students adapt? How to regain the same study habits pre-COVID?”

Promoting better study habits is essential in the academic growth of students. But, with stress and poor mental health, the ability of our brain to retain things that we study declines. We tend to forget information easily which leads to frustration and another series of mental health issues.
In a recent study, researchers agreed that successive learning has been proven to be effective in promoting knowledge retention in students. It activates store long-term memory from our brain and combines it with recent short-term memories.

3 Ways to activate successive learning

Goal setting. Set a list of things to study and topics you want to focus on. Scheduling promotes better study habits. Find a vacant time that you can regularly set exclusively for studying.
Refresh your mind. Come up with ways to find learning to be interactive and creative. Recall and write is a great way to practice your mind in topics you want to be reminded over and over again.
Monitor progress. To make sure that you have gained significant progress from days of learning and practicing, you must monitor your progress. Take a test every week or twice a week. Observe the progress you are making to instill motivation in yourself.


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