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Westminster school accused of "rape culture"

Westminster school

Westminster School, a top private school, has been accused by both past and recent students of permitting a “rape culture” in a recent report. The school, which has a pretty notable history has produced six ex-prime ministers, is the current subject of sexual abuse allegations.
In two particular videos making the rounds on the internet, it showcased a group of boys harassing a girl sexually and a teacher asking his students’ improper questions about a picture of an innocent girl shown on the projector. While girls used this opportunity to tell the story of their lives, others used the opportunity to seek closure from the improper treatment that had continued to haunt them after many years of graduating from Westminster.
In the report, a girl told a story of how her excellent friend in school raped her. She explained how that her friend got her drunk and forcefully raped her till she could fight back no more. In her words, the pangs of pain she had carried ever since had weighed in on her, causing her mental and psychological distress ever since the unfortunate event happened.
This costly school found the limelight when Sarah Everard, a 33 years old marketing executive, died mysteriously. The death sparked widespread sympathy and solidarity with netizens using the opportunity to discuss the “rape culture.” The website “Everyone’s Invited,” created a year ago, made a plea with everyone with a real rape story to tell, especially about the sexual harassment from top schools.
Another girl took to the website and told how she had been harassed sexually by both teachers and fellow students at the Westminster school. She said the hurt of being touched inappropriately messed up her mental health after she left and even therapy became her only path to salvation.

Westminster responds to allegations

As a direct response to the dossier, Robert Halftone, the Tory chairman of the select education committee, expressed his concerns and views about the school’s allegations. In his words, he called them “horrific” and urged the need for a quick reformation and rehabilitation of the everyday immoral norm of the school.
Gary Savage, the Westminster headmaster, also urged everyone to be patient as regards the accusation. According to him, standards will be raised, while the school will cherish morality and character to safeguard every student under his watch. He also stressed the fact that investigations will not be stopped. The school will also not seize further communications with the local authorities regarding the allegations brought forth by anonymous victims. 
Savage also promised that actions would be taken where necessary. He said such inappropriate behavior would no longer be entertained. The school encourages even more anonymous victims to break their shells and tell their stories.
Last September, the Westminster school delved into wide-consultations regarding the school’s ethos and values. This was in line with the effort to create a convenient and enabling environment for everyone. Wide-consultations were launched to give the students the core reasons for establishing the school a proper representation, voice, and a feeling of inclusion. According to Savage, it will go a long way in instilling kindness, empathy, and self-worth in the students.
On the “rape culture “dossier, the school plans said it would swing into action by commissioning reviews from the public on issues revolving around sexuality, ethnicity, racial differences, and gender. This will give shape to the data already gotten. Furthermore, the school plans to review its policies, systems, institutions, training, and curriculum. The result of this review will be highly beneficial in shaping the final decision and amendments.


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