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US COVID-19 response jeopardized by economy politics, says Penny Sackett

US covid-19 response

According to Australias lead scientist Penny Sackett, the US COVID-19 response has jeopardized the worldwide efforts to fight coronavirus. Born and bred in Nebraska, Sackett, an astronomer reiterated that the politicization of scientific research by President Trump negatively affected the world’s effort to contain the virus.
Penny remarked that if the United States became the new epicenter, and the administration did nothing much about it, ramifying effects would be felt globally. The accomplished scientist said that the US COVID-19 response to the virus combined with its health policies would affect the world.

US COVID-19 response affecting neighboring nations negatively

Currently, Australia is experiencing the heat emanating from the US COVID-19 response as most of the coronavirus cases in Australia have been imported from the US rather than China and the neighboring Asian countries. According to an official report from John Hopkins Hospital, The United States is currently leading with the number of new coronavirus infections.
President Trump has called for social distancing in combination with other federal regulations for the viral attacks but has not failed to stipulate that the cure for coronavirus is worse for the economy than the problem itself.
Trump’s remarks have reverberated across other leadership ranks with Texas Governor, Dan Patrick calling out for people to resume their normal economic activities. Professor Sackett said that what would be experienced if people defied lockdown measures was horrifying to even fathom. With the magnitude that Italy has been struck, they have no other option other than to respond to the health crisis.
Sacket noted that Australia needed to test its own ability to produce its own vaccines because the cooperation of scientists internationally could fail during the global menace. Professor Sacket’s successor, Ian Chubb said that she was bewildered by the level of mistrust coming from the United Kingdoms Secretary of Education Michael Goves pronouncement that the region did not have enough experts. Unfortunately, it was different for the US as Trump’s antiscience policies had trashed down the scientific numbers that the world relied upon.

US COVID-19 response is heavily inclined on politics

According to a survey by Pollster, discovered that the US COVID-19 response relied heavily on people’s political inclination in all the American States. Only 20 percent of the Republicans were heavily concerned about the virus as compared with 58 percent of their democrat counterparts.
Former scientific adviser to the New Zealand Prime Minister, Peter Gluck Man said that nations like the united states were reluctant to take proactive steps to curb the spread of coronavirus as they would adversely affect the economy. Gluck Man criticized the US for bemoaning the recent decisions made for public health interest since they lacked technocratic and Plutocratic interests, with the UKs response to the pandemic remaining largely haphazard.
Professor Chubb advises that the UK government should maintain the Budgetary allocations made towards crisis control while at the same time upholding transparency about the pandemic citing US COVID-19 response.


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