Tech skills most likely to be in top demand by 2020

Tech skills

Following research for the most in-demand skills and technologies for data scientists at the end of 2018, it had several engagements and elucidated several reactions.
Owing to this, we take a peep into what the most demanded tech skills would be for next year from a data scientist.
The previous expose featured demand for general skills such as statistics and communication likewise demand for technologies such as Python and R. Software technologies.
SimplyHired, Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn are some of the Job search/ hire platforms looked into to check which keywords appeared with data scientist in job listings in the United States.
However, the intention was to write the code to scrape the job listings instead of searching by hand which proved fruitful for SimplyHired, Indeed, and Monster.
LinkedIn, on the other hand, was more difficult as authentication is required to see an exact count of job listings, summarily, however, LinkedIn has huge fluctuations from week to week for some tech job search terms.
It is assumed that LinkedIn might be experimenting with the search results algorithm by using natural language processing to gauge intent.
In contrast, relatively similar numbers of job listings for data scientists appeared for the three other search sites over both years.
As a result, LinkedIn has been excluded from the analysis for 2019 and 2018 in this article.

Tech skills that will be relevant in 2020

After calculating the percentage of total data scientist job listings for that site that each keyword appears in, manually investigating new search terms and cutting off for inclusion, results showed that there are at least four ways to look at results for each keyword.
For each job site, for each year, divide the number of listings with the keyword in them then take the change in the average percentage of listings from 2018 to 2019 and then compute the rank for each keyword relative to other keywords for that year.

Relevant tech job pick for 2020

The research has shown that there are some pretty substantial changes in about just a year with Phyton on top. It is the most frequent keyword with close to three out of four listings seeing a decent increase from 2018.
SQL is growing, it almost passed for the second-highest average score. If trends continue, it will be number two very soon.
The most prominent deep learning frameworks grew in popularity. PyTorch had the largest percentage increase of any keyword. Keras and TensorFlow posted large gains, too.


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