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Teacher goes viral after uploading a TikTok video of her kindergarten lesson

Teacher goes viral after uploading a TikTok video of her kindergarten lesson

Mackenzie, a teacher from Washington, this week became an internet sensation after uploading a TikTok video of herself in class teaching 5-year olds kindergarten students through distance learning.

The teacher starts out by asking talking about the number. The teacher continues by saying “Oh! I see Brin is holding up the number 2 and 2,” as she raises her both hands, with two fingers out to illustrate number the two and two she is talking about.

Through the video, the teacher engages her student through an interactive tone of language, through slow-talking, emphasis, gestures with a cheerful voice as she continues with her class.

The viral TikTok Video

The teacher continues by calling on Brin,

Oh! I see Brin is holding up the number 2 and 2,” she says in a TikTok video, holding up both her hands with two fingers out, with the cheerful tone you might expect from a Disney character. “That will also make 4!

The video continues by showing a student, who the teacher calls Grayson, having difficulty setting up his mike. The teacher, using illustration, and still being able to maintain her cheerful voice guides the student through pictures and instructions on how to solve the problem. Grayson is finally able to connect to the class after the microphone is rectified and the teacher, smiling, engages the students, and asks him questions on Math.

Mackenzie has become a sensation throughout the internet, with people taking to Twitter to praise her composure and the hard work she was putting in, in these classes. A user going by the name Anna uploaded the TikTok video on her twitter page and has already been more than eight million times and garnered over half a million likes.



Praises started pouring in from Twitter users who agreed that how she was teaching the student required hard work and passion. Chrissy Teigen retweeted the video with the caption “I hate that kids are losing so much valuable social time out in the world but man, love teachers so much. Making it work.”



Mackenzie said he hoped the video would light on how hard teachers are working to ensure that the students continue with their studies. She indicated that she spends about 3 hours with her kindergarten students, and said that she puts a lot of work to ensure that the class is able to get a lot of the online classes.


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