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Teacher fired over transgender student: Religion ends at the school's door?

transgender student

A teacher in Virginia fired over transgender student remarks, the teacher fires back with a lawsuit claiming it is an act of discrimination against his faith.

A transgender student pronoun preference

Peter Vlaming, a French teacher at West Point High School in Virginia, was being sanctioned by his school administration for using the female pronoun she on a transgender student who prefers to be addressed as he.
In his legal complaint, the teacher elucidated that the school wants him to refer to the transgender student as a “he” and that goes against his scientific and religious belief. He said that he considers referring to the previous female as a male, a breach of his freedom of speech. His faith prohibits him from lying.
The issue regarding transgender rights has its ups and downs, and this is one of those instances. The student wanting to push his gender preference makes a teacher lose his job for expressing his freedom of speech on transgender issues.

School board vetoed teacher out of commission

After a 5 hour meeting, the school board unanimously vetoed Mr. Valming’s services from the school. School officials added that he was already warned to comply with school regulations on gender issues, though the incident was the first time the teacher used the incorrect pronoun in front of the student, it also served as his last.
The Assistant Principal also made it clear to him that his personal religious belief ends at the school’s door. It felt to Mr. Valming that he is forced to comply with something that is against his free will which is part of his legal rights.
Mr. Valming believes that human and anatomy and religious conviction that sex is biologically fixed in each person and should not be dictated by personal feelings and desires. Why would you call someone a “he” when biologically, the person is a “she”? Would you call a carrot, a potato because it feels like it is a carrot?

That one incident…

Legal counsel for the teacher also expressed that the instant that Mr. Valming used the female pronoun on the student was the first and only time he used it in front of the student, and it was out of a quick response because the student was about to hit the wall. Transgender issues can only be treated with fairness to both sides.
In a statement by the legal team,

The school board didn’t care how Mr. Valming treated his students. He always works hard to make his students welcome every time they went to school. He always calls his students on the names they prefer to be called. He calls the student on the student’s masculine name preference to avoid using gender-defining pronouns. It was just a matter of a single instance, that one incident that changed everything for the teacher.

As proof of the teacher’s compassion towards his students, around 100 students made a solidarity walkout a day after the school board’s decision on the Valming incident. Some of the students held signs reading, “Men are men and women are women”,” You can’t impose delusion onto us”.

Transgender operations

For those who are wondering how transgender operation or otherwise called “sex reassignment works” here’s a video. The animation shows a surgeon opening up the scrotum, removing the testicles, and removing the head of the penis (hello, nerve endings) to create a clitoris. The shaft and the scrotum are then used to create the labia and vaginal canal that will allow a lot of patients to have a perfectly healthy and great sex life.
Gender issues have been a trending topic nowadays, especially with the rise of gender equality groups pushing transgender to voice out their rights. But, with the incident involving Mr.Valming, do you think the school board made the right action to promote equal rights?


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