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Teacher base salary: Florida Governor recommends increases

Teacher base salary: Florida Governor recommends increases

In a recent announcement, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claimed that he would be pushing for an increase in the teacher base salary in the state. 

Currently, the minimum base salary for teachers in Florida is $37,636. Governor DeSantis is going to actively campaign with his colleagues in order to increase this minimum to at least $47,500.

Teacher base salary

Currently, there are more than a hundred thousand teachers in Florida who can benefit from the proposed increase.
If the government approves the hike in teacher base salary during their 2020 budget discussions, Florida will become one of the pioneer states when it comes to educators’ starting remuneration. 
For now, the state remains at the twenty-sixth position in the United States (US), in terms of teachers’ salaries. 

Better salaries for better education

At the moment, there is a significant disparity between the remuneration teachers receive in different states in the US.
While some faculty members are forced to work a second job in order to cover their monthly expenses, others are well-off and enjoying state-granted benefits and higher pay. 
Other struggles often reported by teachers include the need to purchase classroom materials from their own earnings, which poses further challenges for educators to manage their living costs.
Hopefully, Governor Ron DeSantis will be successful in his campaign, as rising base pay will also motivate more young people in choosing to teach as their career path. 
It is essential for government figures like Mr. DeSantis to fight for better remuneration in the educational sector, as teachers are the people raising future generations. 
Betting on pay increases for teachers is one of the sure ways to better the quality of education in Florida, and boost interest in this profession. Hopefully, Mr. DeSantis will successfully pass his proposed bill, and the working conditions for teachers in Florida will become better.


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