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Headteacher Wants to Teach Children Respect Without Political Role Models

Bullying crisis at schools of the US is devastating. Andy Byers, a Headteacher of Framwellgate School, Durham addressed this issue by pointing out the terrible role models of his opinion and the people who he says add fuel to the flames – Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump, and Nigel Farage.
Byers first contacted the parents. He was asking them for help to act in opposition to politicians’ views and announcements. He believes that the politicians are wrapping their unhealthy views and opinions on school children, resulting in shameful and embarrassing for him incidents where students of BAME and LGBTQ communities didn’t feel safe or respected.
Byers provided the example of such behavior from these potential role models when Tory leadership frontrunner Johnson and the US President Donald Trump mocked the disabled journalist and were the participants of several cases of sexual assaults.
Andy said that other school leaders are facing the same issues. “Our political leaders, perhaps the worst we have ever seen, espouse many of the things that we are teaching students to be wrong,” says Andy.

Who will teach children respect?

Many parents take every moment and occasion to teach children about respect and tolerance. But some seem to forget about it, and the media-announced opinions and views from the politicians all over the world act on kids daily.
Andy also announced his letter to parents and carers on his twitter account by saying, “My blog this week is a letter I never thought I would have to write.”

His arguments include:

  • Johnson, Potential Tory Leader and UK Prime Minister, is known for accusations for his Islamophobia. He also called French people “turds” in the BBC interview which hasn’t aired.
  • Trump made fun of a disabled journalist and proudly admitted his sexual assault.
  • Chris Williamson faced accusations over anti-semitism.
  • Farage, Brexit Party Leader, faced accusations over anti-muslim and racism opinions.

Byers wrote in his letter that he would fight to teach children about respect and tolerance and that he would not hesitate to call police on the students suspected in hate crime. “If you are a parent who thinks I am overreacting or who finds the views or actions of Trump, Johnson, Corbyn or Farage in relation to minority groups acceptable, then I am concerned,” he added in his letter.


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