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Taylor Swift helps a London schoolgirl raising funds to go to university by donating $31,000

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has come to the aid of an 18-year-old London school who was looking for funds to attend a university by donating more than £23,000 ($31,000) to her course.
Vitoria Mario, 18, moved in the UK four years ago from Portugal for her secondary education. During that time, she indicated that she could not speak a word of English when she started her high school education.
She would, however, become top of her class based on the recently released GCSE exams, where she scored top grades. Her good grades were enough for the Britain’s University of Warwick to offer her an opportunity to study Mathematics.

Taylor Swift comes to the rescue

However, she could not afford the college fees, since she came from an underprivileged family. Her father had died years earlier and her mother was still living in Portugal. Her only solution was to get a scholarship since she could not also qualify to get school loans in the UK because she did not qualify and did not have the Home status in the UK.
She started working on getting a sponsor who could settle her school fees by sending letters and calls to 442 companies across the UK, asking if they could sponsor. Unfortunately, her pleas went unanswered or rejected.
Her next try was posting on affluent addresses, where she had hoped that someone would pick up her case and help her raise funds for her university education. She indicated that she even went to the affluent London postcode, Kensington, where she shared her story through letterboxes and still failed to get someone who could help her.
That is when she decided to go through the GoFundMe route and opened an account to try and raise money for her education. To her surprise, people were responsive to the site, and her story was getting shared by many people.
She indicated that she received a message from Taylor Swift together with a donation for her university education. In the message, Taylor Swift indicated that she had come across her story and she had been inspired by her drive and dedication and that she wanted to help turn her dreams into a reality.
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