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Reopening of classes in North Carolina runs late in planning

reopening of classes in North carolina

The Board of Education is a bit behind in schedule in coming up with guidelines for the reopening of classes in North Carolina.

Reopening of classes in North Carolina

As Fall draws close, schools are still held without any guidelines from the Board of Education on how will the reopening of classes in North Carolina will commence. In just a month to go, there hasn’t been any final discussion on how schools will deal with the reopening of classes in North Carolina.
The Board of Education in North Carolina is set to have its first discussion for the reopening of schools in North Carolina today. With more than a month to go, school administrators are concerned if there is ample time to come up with an effective COVID-19 guideline for schools that will reopen this Fall.
Recently, President Trump made a mandate to state governors to put students back to school ASAP.
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper also wanted education officials to make the necessary arrangements to resume classes and put students back to school.
There is a mixed opinion from parents regarding this matter, with a fluctuating number of cases of COVID-19 in North Carolina. Some parents fear for the health of their children if schools reopen. On the other hand, some parents object to distance learning as it disturbs their normal working hours.

Three options for the reopening of classes in North Carolina

There are three feasible options for school as they reopen in a few months.

  • Full face-to-face classes
  • Full distance learning / remote classes
  • A mix of physical and  distance learning

But, according to the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services in North Carolina, COVID-19 data on children doesn’t show that much risk as compared to older individuals.

There is scientific basis that children are at less risk in going back to physical classes as most of us thought otherwise.
– Dr. Mandy Cohen, DHHS North Carolina


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