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On-island teacher training program set to resume in Guernsey

on-island teacher training

A partnership between Middlesex University and the government of Guernsey presents a new wave of on-island teacher training programs.

On-island teacher training in Guernsey

The Bailiwick of Guernsey is an island located with the English Channel. Being an isolated island, access to different institutions is not as easy as living in the UK. More importantly, education has been a big concern in the state.
For two decades, an agreement between the University of Brighton and the Department of Education in Guernsey kept higher education learning in the state proactive. But, the agreement was put to an end last September 2019 due to unforeseen circumstances.
For 20 years, the University of Brighton has deputized several college courses and Master’s degree education in Guernsey through the on-island teacher training program. Students had the option to stay on the island and study on courses offered by the partnership.

Reviving the on-island teacher training program

The Department of Education in Guernsey has finally secured an agreement with Middlesex University to take over the on-island teacher training program. The first set of applicants consists of six learning support assistants. They will undergo supervised training under the Middlesex University curriculum, and if they pass will receive an acknowledgment of being a full-fledged teacher.
The program will serve as a dry run for plans of expanding the program to accommodate all graduates aspiring to be on-island teachers.
The partnership between the government of Guernsey and Middlesex University provides a clear path for teacher aspirants who wish to be trained and certified under the UK Department of Education standards.


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