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New course on anti-Black racism, mandatory for all freshmen at Pitts

new course on anti-black racism

The University of Pittsburgh will not require freshmen to enroll in a new course on anti-Black racism starting this Academic Year.

New course on anti-Black racism offered at Pitts

In line with the outcry of protest tackling racism and inequalities experienced by people of color, the University of Pittsburgh is joining the movement by introducing a new course on anti-Black racism as a required course for all incoming freshmen moving forward. The mandatory one-unit course will tackle about Black history in the U.S. and everything related to anti-racist movements.
This is the response of the University of Pittsburgh school administrators after student activists voiced out their demands for improved anti-racist policies inside the campus. In addition, student groups are asking to remove the interference of the Pittsburgh Police force with the campus police.
According to Ann Cudd, senior vice chancellor for Pitts, the school is committed to its promise to exercise fairness and equality for students, teachers, and non-teaching staff, regardless of ethnicity and color. It recognizes the need to inform future generations about the importance of Black history and the fight to eliminate oppression and segregation against Black people.
The University of Colorado has also introduced a different approach to teaching about anti-Black racism, their new course on anti-Black racism will be included on a Coursera course they will be launching this month, where students can easily access online.

Courses about ethnicity

A new law in California, signed by Gov. Gavin Newson mandates all college students to take at least three units of history class that tackles different ethnicities in the U.S. This will help students understand the struggles made in history while pushing for color and ethnic equality.


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